Fiddle Rags

Rachel Meirs

Fiddle Rags

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Fiddle Rags with Rachel Meirs

This class has both online and in-person sections. Please choose whether you want to join this class in the classroom or virtually via Zoom using the options above.

Note: there will be no class on Tuesday, March 26th

What IS a rag? We will answer that question with a little historical context and just enough music theory. The class will cover typical rag chords, tune patterns, and syncopation. We’ll learn a handful of different rags, from ragtime-era classics, to Texas-style contest rags, to bluegrass, old-time, and country blues style rags.

We’ll use each different tune to explore and develop our skills around:

  • Syncopated bowings & double stops
  • Common variations and approaches for improvising on the melody
  • Classic approaches to a “break” and some trick fiddle tools
  • How to approach second or twin-fiddling on a rag
  • Left-hand slides and glides

By the end of the class, you will have a handful of rags to play with friends, the skills to more easily learn the melody or chords of a new rag on the fly, and some techniques to embellish a melody and improvise over a typical rag chord progression.

This class is for advanced fiddlers who are comfortable learning by ear. No previous knowledge of rags or music theory required.

Each class will be recorded on Zoom and available to stream on-demand even after the session has ended.

This is an adult class open to students aged 13 and up.