Two-Finger Banjo 1

Matt Brown

Two-Finger Banjo 1

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Two-Finger Banjo 1 with Matt Brown

This class has both in-person and online options that meet simultaneously. To meet on Zoom, select the online option and an invitation to a recurring Zoom meeting will be included in the orientation email sent upon checkout.

Two-Finger Banjo 1 is designed for students new to the 5-string banjo. Those who have played clawhammer, three-finger, or other styles on the instrument are also welcome! 

Two-finger banjo picking has deep roots in Kentucky. Musicians such as Roscoe Holcomb and Lee Sexton have made it famous. In Two-Finger 1, students will learn the fundamental techniques of thumb lead two-finger picking. 

This class will cover:
  1. how to play in gDGBD tuning
  2. the essential picking patterns using thumb and index finger
  3. common chords such as G, C, and D7
  4. how to play simple arrangements of songs & tunes
  5. how to read banjo tablature, which will be provided
Each class meeting will be recorded on Zoom and available to stream on demand.

Upon completing Two-Finger 1, students will be ready to progress to the remaining classes in the sequence. In Two-Finger 2, students learn more advanced techniques and experiment with different tunings. Finally, in Two-Finger 3, students immerse themselves in the banjo music of Kentucky and learn a number of iconic two-finger arrangements from source musicians such as Roscoe Holcomb, Lee Sexton, and Granville Bowlin.